Shipping Can Deliver

At Energy and Environmental Research Associates we believe that shipping can deliver important environmental, health, and economic benefits to society

EERA offer our clients
  • Best compliance strategies for new standards of environmental performance
  • Improved health and environmental benefits to communities and ecosystems at risk
  • System benefits for supply chains, freight networks, and integrated cargo movement facilities
  • Insights for enterprise leaders and policy decision bodies

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What we offer
With 2020 compliance coming, we can evaluate your fleet’s and your port’s and your region’s best advantage strategy
  • Optimize port fees to set fuel and scrubber prices, incentivise cleaner fuels and lower environmental impacts (RATES model)
  • Fleet modernization, recapitalization adjusted for stewardship costs and cost-savings (SAFE-Ship Model)
  • Optimization for emissions trading markets, least cost reduction targets, maximum reductions within defined cost (MEOM-DEOM Model)
Health-risk and environmental impact analyses to identify where strategies are most beneficial
  • To your firm
  • To your port community
  • To your public health community
  • Read our recent paper on the global health impacts of international shipping in Nature Communications. Summary and background for this work can be found here
System benefits beyond the waterline, including port, cargo, and freight coinvestment
  • Electrification - including shore power, cargo handling, rail, and dray truck
  • Automation
  • Market-based environmental incentives for ports and shippers
  • Regulatory Support from permitting and conformity, to long-range scenario analyses
Advanced visualisation and big-data learning models
  • Data models in Python and R programming languages
  • Advanced geospatial analysis
  • Cloud computing and data management
Why is this work important?
Ships carry over 90% of the world's cargo. Global commerce depends on shipping for the efficient, reliable, and cost-effective transportation of goods around the world. While ships provide enormous benefit to society, the fuels that they burn are often dirty and result in high levels of pollution.

EERA research focuses on identifying opportunities for industry and stakeholder groups to engage in technologies that are beneficial to society and are economically optimal.

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